Apple Nicotine Salt by Blvk Unicorn

Apple Nicotine Salt 30 ml. by Blvk Unicorn Review


Here we go again and we will talk about one of very good E-Liquids which is apple nicotine salt 30 ml by blvk unicorn. Apple nicotine salt 30 ml. is very popular one in blvk unicorn lines of e-juice. I think a lot of people seem to like the apples and its flavor in their pod system. This e-liquid was discovered and manufactured by one of the most famous e-liquid manufacturers, blvk unicorn. And this company is located in the United States.

Looking quickly at the history of this e-juice manufacturer. We will find that it was established on 2016 in the US, specifically in western California by ray and kidd. And during this years the company estimated that it provides the best e-juice for its customers and was able to verify that it succeeded. As they counted the number of lines they were: Blvk, WYTE, FRZN,CHBY and also BOLD (Tobacco). And for your information blvk line of e-juice is one of the most popular line used by customers and that many people demand.

Blvk unicorn has made five flavors of beautiful fruits which are: apple, strawberry, grape, lychee and honey dew. And these flavors are very beautiful flavors, which many of its users thanked for, and the apple flavor had abundant luck among users in love and praise for it, and we are going to share our experience with the product.

Packaging & setup infoApple Nicotine Salt 30 ml. by Blvk Unicorn bottle

Inside apple nicotine salt by blvk unicorn

Bottle size: 30 ml

VG/PG: 50 VG/ 50 PG

Primary flavors: red apple, green apple, ice, and menthol.

Nicotine Strength: 35 mg, 50 mg

Our setup

  • Rebirth rda
  • Alien Clapton coil
  • Cotton bacon prime
  • Mechanical mod

Slightly look at apple nicotine salt by blvk unicorn

We are going to start with the taste of the e-juice, but we must explain its taste gradually. For example if you talk about its taste in your mouth and you do not know the ingredients of this e-juice or e-juice or the first time you smoke a pod. You will taste the taste as if you are eating very crunchy apples that you brought from the refrigerator. At the end of this you will feel a slight taste of mint in your mouth. For that you will be surprised a lot because you will ask yourself how the taste is so sweet and beautiful. But you will immediately try it again to taste.

On the other hand if you know the flavors of the e-juice or have tried it before. Then you must still be vaping it until now because this e-liquid juice is a mixture of the taste of crisp green and red apples collide with a menthol breeze which will satisfy your needs and make you feel happy from the taste.

Let’s taste the flavor


When you taste the apple nicotine salt from the blvk union. You will feel comfortable, because in my opinion when the makers of this blvk line manufactured it. They created it in a way that makes the salty e-juice not complicated in composition. By meaning it does contain many tastes. A new innovation, which is that you feel the sag in your mouth and the taste of mint. In order to focus on the taste and mastery of it, like the taste of salt apple mixed with simple mint. And for many uses prefer the idea of having one taste of delicious fruit that they like while mixing it with a simple thing that makes it parallel to its true taste and of course it is preferable to mix this fruit with a beautiful mint taste and smell.

Building an idea

Salt apple nicotine by blvk is a good choice for people who use pod and use salt nicotine because it provides a satisfying flavor to users from the taste of apple fruit as it provides the taste of fruit in an innovative way in which the apple is juicy mixed with mint.


The e-juice bottle is good, simple and elegant.

Warning: This product is not meant for use in devices that reach sub-ohm resistance. We recommend this liquid to be used in pod-based, closed systems devices, and ultra low-output atomizers/mods. Every salt-based nicotine e-juice contains significantly higher levels of nicotine per millilitre, optimal for beginners or experienced vapers looking for a travel-friendly experience.

Apple Nicotine Salt 30ml. by Blvk Unicorn footer


Finally, we can tell you our beloved readers from our point of view about apple nicotine salt by blvk union. It is good and tastes very beautiful and apples, as well as the taste of simple mint and that makes it a good e-juice. Because the taste of mint if it is strong, it will cover the taste of the fruit.

As for the sweetness of the taste, we can say that the taste of the liquid is beautiful and pleasant. Because the taste is two types of green and red apples mixed with mint, which gives you the impression that it is a good innovation. Especially since the blvk union company is one of the well-known companies in the field of salt nicotine and also has its users.

So, I would recommend this E-Liquid for sure because of the joy and the feeling that I felt, Enjoy.


  • Great flavor
  • Very strong
  • Good price


  • A little bit harsh at the beginning
Apple Nicotine Salt by Blvk Unicorn
  • Flavor
  • Nicotine Levels
  • Bottle
  • Throat hit
  • All day vape

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