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How do you do, fellas? Today is the day to talk about on of luxury vape devices. It’s Dotmod DotAIO.  The dotAIO offers a true all-in-one experience!  Vape freebase nicotine or nicotine salts.  Dial-in the perfect airflow and power.  Vape MTL or DTL.

Dotmod, Inc. one of the companies that focused on premium quality vaping hardware and accessories for adults around the world.  It’s located in San Diego, California. At Dotmod, every product is engineered with precision and beautifully finished for performance and style.

Well then, let’s speak more about this marvelous device in details. I feel positive about it and I have high expectations.


  • All-In-One Pod System
    • 35W Max Output
    • Four Preset Power Output Options (Very Soft, Soft, Medium, Strong)
    • 0.28ohm to 2.5ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • Dimensions – 78mm by 42mm by 22.5mm
    • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Pod Style e-Juice Tank
    • 2ml Capacity
    • Side Fill Port
    • Silicone Plug
    • dotMod Coil (0.3ohm DTL Mesh Coil – 1.60 ohm MTL Coil – Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil compatible)
    • Adjustable Dual Airflow Control (6mm by 2mm each air hole)
  • Two Button Control Interface
    • Large Firing Button
    • Adjustment Button
  • Four LED Indicator Light ring
    • Battery Indicator (Green – 100% to 61% – Blue – 60% to 21% – Red – 20% to 1%)
    • Power Setting
    • Dry Burn Indicator
    • Protection Indicator (Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, No Atomizer)
  • Magnetic Battery Access and Pod Access Panels (single high Amp 18650, not included)
  • Type C Charging Port
  • 8mm Bore Gold Plated 510 Drip Tip (2mm Bore Ultem 510 Drip Tip Included)
  • Color options: Black, Red, Gold, Blue

Dotmod DotAIO BOX Included

  • dotAIO Vape System
  • 0.3 ohm Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1.6 ohm MTL Coil
  • User Manual
  • Type C Charging Cable
  • 2.0 ml e-juice tank (PCTG)
  • Certificate of authenticity 
  • (6) O-rings
  • (2) Drip tips (gold, ultem)
  • airflow control base
  • chimney adapter for Aspire Nautilus coils
  • tank plug
  • silicone bumper replacement

First impression

The dotAIO offers four power settings based on coil resistance (very soft, soft, medium, strong), designed to fit your preferences and deliver the best performance. With the dotAIO’s easy to remove 2.0 ml tank, changing coils has never been easier. The ergonomic spring-loaded contact located under the tank section allows for easy tank removal. Featuring dry burn protection that cuts the current when the e-juice level is low, extending the life of your coils.  Supporting one 18650 battery, the dotAIO is designed for maximum battery life.

Compatible with its 0.3, 0.7, and 1.6 Ohm coils.  Are you a fan of Aspire Nautilus coils?  You can use them too with the adapter they included.  Prefer a mouth-to-lung experience?  Pop on our MTL drip tip or use any 510 tip – it’s compatible!  What a deal that it is. Great staff from Dotmod for sure.

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Dotmod DotAIO  in details

Design From Outside

Right when you take it out of the box, you understand what you paid for. The polished gold 510 mouthpiece, the minimalistic design with only a small gold dotmod logo appearing, and the small intricate engravings on the firing switch with RBG LEDs surrounding it. And just because, they also include this beautiful ultem mouthpiece with a very small hole designed for tight MTL airflow. There’s a wide variety of beautiful colours but of course if you want it to look even BETTER, you can replace the plain doors with the laser engraved chrysanthemum doors in matching or contrasting colors, or one of their fantastic painted doors.

Design From Inside

Now it’s time to take off these beautiful doors to see what is concealed underneath. Starting with the face on the device, a sled for your 18650, a small gold button, your firing button, and small rubber stoppers to hide both the magnets and screws. The door on the front is nothing too crazy, having a tiny cutout and ensuring that the battery stays in place without rattle cause these doors don’t move a millimeter!

Now let’s go on to the back side, which is where we’re gonna find our serial number, warnings, and the classic Apple move of “designed in California, made in China.” This is also where we get access to the pod, but the door is the cool part once again. You can see how dotMod’s tapered the bottom of the cutout because this actually lines up with the airflow cutouts on the door! They actually provide you with a sticker if you want to cover up the slot on the door to cut airflow down to the bottom only, otherwise both channels are used. Like I said, these doors have tight tolerances so even if you cover the side window by accident or on purpose you won’t be getting anything but this smooth bottom channel airflow.

Coils for Dotmod DotAIO

Let’s start out with the dotMod coils as those will be the most used. Included in the box you’ll receive a 0.3Ω mesh coil which has a 35W cap from what I’ve seen, and a 1.6Ω wire coil that caps at… a lower wattage. I’ve been adoring these mesh coils using regular nicotine juice, I’ve had no problems with wicking using a 70VG juice and I’m very happy with the flavor. It’s smooth as glass. Moving on to the 1.6Ω coil, if you like mouth to lung vaping or salt nicotine then this is gonna be your jam. It provides a nice tight draw and give you a proper MTL experience that you won’t get with mesh coils. If you loved the Nautilus, you’ll definitely love this coil, or of course you’ll love using the Nautilus coil!


DotMod clearly ripped their coil design from Aspire which isn’t shocking cause they’ve done it before, as well as pretty much every other company at this point. DotMod’s smart though, and they know there’s diehards so of course they included an adapter to use Nautilus coils! Albeit it’s a bit more of a process with screwing things in, but it’s great if you either can’t find DotMod coils or want to try something new! Aspire has a wide range of different coils, so if you’re looking for a nice in-between option the Aspire’s got you covered.

The last option that they offer is where you start getting all of the control, because they made a rebuildable section. You have a curved deck to provide smooth air flow, large wicking ports, and a postless drop in deck to help cut down on space. If you build a nice coil in here, you’re going to have fantastic flavor that will barely cost anything to maintain. Even then, as long as you aren’t using super sweet juice the dotMod coils have lasted me a surprisingly long time.

dotmod dotaio



It’s unreal. How unreal is it? Well take a peek at what my friends and I are using, and that should speak for itself. The draw is awesome, the battery life is awesome, it doesn’t matter what coil you put into this thing cause it’s awesome. I love using the 0.3Ω mesh the most and it finally got me off using salt nicotine. Don’t get me wrong if you use salt you’re going to have a great time especially with the MTL drip tip included, it’s similar to the Berserker RTA which was stupid comfy. That’s something else dotMod does the best.

Final Thoughts about Dotmod DotAIO

In conclusion, it’s time to summarize my final thoughts and note any cons that I’ve found. Let’s get the cons out of the way because they’re very minimal. I’m sure you’re wondering if it leaks, and to be completely honest I have had a little bit of juice in the pod compartment! I didn’t even notice because it doesn’t affect how it vapes, didn’t get juice on my hand, etc. Wipe it out once and a while, this is a high-end device you’re supposed to give it the maintenance it deserves. That could just be condensation for all I know or care, it hasn’t affected anything, almost every single tank/pod I’ve ever owned has leaked because gravity pulls things down.


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Dotmod DotAIO Review
  • Design
  • battery
  • Flavor
  • performance
  • Easy to use

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