How to increase a lifetime of a vaping device

How to increase a lifetime of a vaping device



You are one of the vaping community, So, you need to be aware of  ” How to increase a lifetime of a vaping device “. Your device will be with you all the time, so, you have to take care of it.

After you’ve invested your money in your vape device, you’ll need to make sure you take the right steps to keep it going for as long as possible.

First, one of the most important things to ensure the proper maintenance of your device and all its parts is to clean them constantly, such as tank, Atomizer. Sometimes, you may feel that your vape doesn’t work well, but maybe it just needs a little hygiene.

There are some important parts that need regular care for the vape to work perfectly. The mod, atomizer or tank evaporator, and battery will last longer if you take care of them regularly.


1. How to store a VIP device


Handling your device like any other electronic device is essential. So, make sure you store it correctly. The best advice is to make sure your device storage work properly, away from water, direct sunlight, or heat.

Of course, you won’t put your smartphone under heat or in a damp place, so don’t do it with your Vape device either. When you use your device, try to make sure that it is in a vertical position if possible.


2. Battery Care


Batteries are one of the most neglected parts of devices. This negligence will shorten not only the battery life but also the device, as batteries are the beating heart of any device.

Dirty battery connectors will affect its performance, preventing your device from properly connecting to the atomizer evaporator. Make sure they are always clean, as juice tends to leak from atomizer evaporators no matter how well you master Wicks installation.

Try not to use the battery until it has finished charging, and keep a small amount of power in the battery. If your device’s charge drops to about 15%, don’t use it until you charge it. This will help extend the life of your batteries.

Finally, always make sure the batteries away from high temperatures, avoid exposing them to sunlight or any other metal objects if possible.

Never use fast charging Chargers to charge your vibe device, and be sure to use a maximum 1A charger. If the batteries can be removed, it is preferable to charge the batteries with an external charger and knead to extend the life of the batteries and the device!


3. Overfilling and inadequate filling


Most tankas allow you to fill them with a certain amount of fluid, but make sure you always follow the user manual and don’t over-fill your tank.

Over-filling the tank can cause damage, as the juice may leak into other parts of the atomizer evaporator.

Not filling the tank enough is also unacceptable, as it may dry and you may suffer from dry breaths, and we all know how to feel it, and it will burn the Coil and the wick.

Be sure to check your liquid levels if you are using Tank.


4. Do not overload the connecting parts of your device


We all know the importance of connecting parts correctly, but do not tie them too much.

Over-linking pieces can cause permanent damage to your devices, such as atomizers, batteries, and other parts.

This is because you may cause the thread in the connectors to peel off after a while, making it impossible to connect them again.




To sum up our article ” How to increase a lifetime of a vaping device “.

Proper maintenance and care of your devices are essential to ensure their durability for a long time. Be sure to follow the user manual, learn how to properly store, care for and cut your devices.


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