How vape can help to quit smoking

How vape can help to quit smoking



Sup Vapers, in this post, I’m going to share my Personal experience with vaping through this post ” How vape can help to quit smoking “. Today I’m going to share my own experience about how I quit smoking after eighteen years. Which wasn’t easy let me tell you. I quit smoking by vaping and today I’m going to tell you how.

Before I begin this’s not a piece of medical advice neither expert advice this’s my own personal experience, if you are looking for medical advice or you have any medical issues please consult your doctor or seek a piece of advice from an expert, this article about how vape helped me to quit and how to adjust your nicotine level if you are a heavy smoker and want to change to vape.

First, let me give you a quick brief about my smoking habits. I was a heavy smoker for like eighteen years, and in the last few years, I started to feel severe shortness of breath. But, I couldn’t bring myself to quit as I loved the taste of the cigarette, first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee. My first endeavor to quit smoking was to reduce the number of cigarettes per day to around eight cigarettes per day. But, I wasn’t as successful as I would have liked, I’m quite a nervous person, and trying to quit made me even more so.

I used to just lighting a new one with every problem I encountered. Besides I always felt like a badass dragon when I smoked :). Whenever I tried to quit smoking my appetite opened and I stressed to eat, and I also fell asleep a lot couldn’t stay awake.

What’s next?


I thought about what I can do and I felt quite panicked about what could be done, my breathing issue was getting pretty bad. It all cemented in my head that I had to quit when I saw the video about smoking and how the lungs of a smoker would look like, It wasn’t a pleasant scene. and I had to ask myself, Why I would do that to myself? I wanted to quit quite badly and I just couldn’t think of a way, and apparently, my willpower didn’t have a will whatsoever.


Why would I stop smoking while I enjoy it?

Turning Point

One day I saw this video


And then I got a plan.


Gathering info

At that time I had no idea what this thing is. All I knew back then is that it looked like a fancy device, that might explode and give me cancer. But, I thought about it and watched the video again and again, and I felt like this can’t be more harmful than smoking. At least when it comes to tar. I started to watch more videos, read more articles, and studies about it until I found out that it’s regulated in England. And I know that in a matter of public health in England, they will always choose health.

You can check by yourself from this Link and this One.  This was the turning point and I started to think about it more seriously, and I knew that every business has its opponents.


First Pod


I bought my first pod “exceed edge” and I liked it. I also bought a salt Nic bottle and a pack of cigarettes in case it did not work. First few days I had a headache. Started to eat more, and I didn’t like it at all. I did not quit, but I was able to reduce the number of cigarettes per day. After two months, I decided to get the full experience so I bought a Mod and a pair of batteries, and a DL tank.  I also bought a bottle of Jam Monster Strawberry. loved it, vaping all day till I feel over-saturated and satisfied. I thought to myself finally this might work. Till I got the vaper’s tongue, I could not taste any liquid. But, I didn’t care, my mission was to quit smoking. By the end of the e-juice bottle I all I could taste is a burnt aftertaste. So, I decided to move on to the next and last resort.


Heading to MTL


The pod did not work because I didn’t like the through hit. DL tank did not work because I was vaping and can’t feel any taste. So, I bought an MTL tank and I told myself if it did not work then I would get back to square zero. first, I bought a Chalice MTL. I didn’t know how to wick it, and I didn’t enjoy it, but I was getting what I need, Nicotine satisfaction, a month later I bought BSKR MTL.

BSKR was different, it was easy to build and wick. I started to get exactly what I needed, I started to vape salt Nic on an MTL tank, on 8-12 watt maximum. That was it, at this moment I started to smoke one or two cigarettes per week. A few months later I quit smoking entirely. A few months later I changed to Free Base juice, started with 18 mg Nic, then after two months 12 mg Nic the 6 and that’s where I’m standing now.

It`s almost a year without a cigarette, my lungs are much better now. I can take a full breath without feeling like I’m drowning.


Pros and Cons


So what are the cons?


I gained about 9 KG after I quit smoking entirely ( I was able to find a new clothes at Dimepiece LA ;).). My tongue started to taste food differently. I can taste a new layer of flavors in food, it’s like I’m eating for the first time.

It felt great initially, but over time, the kilograms caught up, so be careful about that waistline.

On my first days of quitting. My blood pressure was not stable so if you have any heart or blood sugar issues you need to be very careful. It took me few days to get used to it.


What are the pros?


I have a new appreciation of food and can taste a lot better now 🙂

My lungs are almost back to normal again, I still cough phlegm till today but that’s because of smoking.

I started to be less nervous and feel good about myself and my smell again.


Results of My full Experience


So all in all, If you are not a smoker, please don’t smoke, please don’t vape, eat healthily, live healthily and stay this way, don’t try any of this, all of this’s not good for health, keep your lungs clean and run baby run.

If you are a smoker and want to know How to quit smoking using a vape. This is my advice to you, some willpower and focus will go a long way.

Buy an MTL tank, a Mod, 30 Gauge wire, cotton, and a bottle of salt nicotine “again if you have any health issues please be very careful and do it on your own responsibility”.

Make a 1.2 – 1.4 ohm coil, install it on your tank, and vape from 7 to 12-watt maximum otherwise you might get nicotine poisoning.

This’s how I did it, this’s how to quit smoking using a vape. I stopped smoking after more than 18 years of daily smoking.

Best regards

How to quit smoking using vape


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