How to stop liquid leakage in your vape device

How to stop liquid leakage in your vape device



In this article ” How to stop liquid leakage in your vape device “, we gonna discuss several ways to keep your vape device at the best.

All vaporizers will definitely witness this happening at some point in their e-smoking vaping journey. It is an unpleasant feeling, especially for new vapers who are panicked and upset when the liquid starts to flow out of the vape. It can be an annoying feeling but don’t worry, as vapes are actually more common than you can imagine.

The solution is usually very simple. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with your device, but rather the way you use it, and most often it is the user’s fault. In this article, we will address several reasons for leaking tanks and atomizers, and how to solve that dilemma.




Most leakage accidents are due to your tank coil or atomizer evaporator. The use of the wrong size of the coils plays a role in the infusion. The rolls are not made to last forever and will need to be replaced frequently.

If you practice vaping using the same fascia for a week or more, the infusion is bound to occur. Replace them and most likely the problem of infusion will disappear. You can start by replacing the fascia to stop your suffering with an infusion.




Regular maintenance of your tank is essential to maintain its performance. Most of the time, leakage in the tank occurs more often than in the dripper. Because the tanks contain a certain amount of juice, while not likely to see any juice that is not in the cotton itself.

Cleaning your device regularly helps reduce or eliminate the problem of leakage. Try dismantling the tank from time to time and washing it thoroughly.


Refill properly


Since most tanks are designed to carry a certain amount of juice, try to ascertain if there is any leakage from the air vents. Most tankas can hold the juice to a limited amount and over-filling them will cause the infusion to occur.

Be sure to check how much juice your tank can hold, you can check the user manual or measurements to be sure. We also advise you to close the airway when filling to save the air pressure in the tank.


Mod mode


Since most tankers and modulators are designed to be used in a vertical position, using them at any other angles can lead to leakage.

Try to install the mod and tank in portrait mode and check if there are any leaks. If it still leaks in the vertical position, this may mean that the insulation rings may be missing or weak, resulting in leakage.


Check for cracks


Many atomizers and atomizers are usually made of pyrex glass, which is a durable material. However, it is not designed to last forever, and will eventually wear out over time. Try to check your tank closely and see if it has any cracks.

Also, if you remember times when you dropped it, take a look and check if it cracked! Sometimes the incision may be too delicate, making it not noticeable until the leak starts. An easy solution is to get a replacement tank or top cover.


Check the insulation


Always make sure that the insulation in your device tightly. Sometimes you may not have isolated it or tied it tightly. Check all parts and make sure they are installed.


E-liquid contents


Different liquids usually contain varying levels of vegetable glycerin VG, propylene glycol PG. Juice with elevated levels of VG is thicker, which reduces the likelihood of infusion. If you have prepared rolls and cotton for a juice with a high VG level, then the use of juice with a higher PG content will certainly lead to infusion. Remember to check the proportions of your juices to see which ones are compatible with your device.


The last step to resolve the infusion


Cotton plays an important role in preventing leakage. For tanks, leakage is usually since cotton is poorly prepared. Try searching on the internet to see how you can mount the wick Wick in your tank, as different tanks feature different sizes of juice holes. If the leak continues even after following all the repair methods on this list, you may just have a lousy atomizer tank or evaporator!




In this article, ” How to stop liquid leakage in your vape device “, now you will be able to use your vape device correctly. The best way to enjoy your vaping is how to use your device at the maximum abilities.


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