Jam Monster Strawberry E-Liquid

Jam Monster Strawberry E-Liquid Review

Jam Monster Strawberry E-Liquid


We are going to go deep inside Jam Monster Strawberry E-Liquid discovering its features and all the things that matter.

The Jam Monster vape juice motto is short, sweet. And the best way to sum up their high-quality juices: “Scary good!”. Jam Monster e-juice combines excellent flavor with impressive cloud products. Making it a favorite among vapors both new and experienced.

The brand has earned respect and admiration of the vaping industry. And the quality of their products speaks for themselves. Unlike many other juice companies. Jam Monster hasn’t let the pursuit of new flavors knock them off course from the ultimate goal. They produce juice that tastes good, simple as that. Crazy flavor combinations can seem like a fun option. but all too often, the flavor becomes muddled from the addition of so many differing profiles.


Jam Monster Strawberry makes Vapors end up with a vape experience that tastes like sugary sweet nothing and ends up tossing the bottle in the trash. However, Jam Monster has risen to the top as the master of keeping it simple, crafting classic flavors that get the job done right. Another reason that Jam Monster juices have earned such a loyal following is their high VG content, the perfect recipe for some seriously impressive vapor production. Whether your customers are flavor connoisseurs or cloud chasers – or more than likely, a mix of both – Jam Monster is sure to please.

 Slightly look at  jam monster strawberry E-Liquid

So here about our Strawberry by Jam Monster e-juice, it is the flavor of sun-ripe strawberries and jelly spread of toast with a hint of butter. The classic spread has the perfect amount of balance of fruit and sweetness. Jam Monster Strawberry vape juice is the intensified flavor of strawberry on the inhale with notes of jam on the exhale.

I do want to mention a few details about packaging, because Fresh Juice Company, the guys behind the Juice Monster brand, are doing things a bit differently. First of all, they are only offering this juice in 100 ml gorilla bottles, which come in large, artistically-designed cardboard boxes. They all look really good, and if I were a new vapor trying to pick out some juice, I’d probably go for Jam Monster just because their packaging is so appealing.

The boxes feature all the necessary info, like nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, as well as the legally required warnings. but they also have these nice pictograms, a cartoon monster creeping up at the base of the box, and even a cute rhyme about the Jam Monster. Marketing-wise, this is definitely one of the nicer packaging designs I’ve ever seen, and judging by the popularity of the line, it seems to be paying off.

Packaging & Setup Info

Inside jam monster Strawberry E-Liquid

  • 1 x 100ml Bottle of Jam Monster Strawberry Vape Juice

Specs & Features

  • 75% VG/ 25% PG
  • Primary Flavors:
    • Strawberry Jam
    • Toast
    • Butter

Our Setup

  • Rebirth Rda
  • Alien Clapton coil
  • Cotton bacon prime
  • Mechanical Mod

jam monster box

Let’s Taste The Flavor

Taste jam monster strawberry E-Liquid

Jam Monster E-Juice brings you the flavors of breakfast that have been loved for generations. There is no completion when it comes to the delightful jam flavors this vape juice creates. But the most impressive thing about the Jam Monster juice boxes is that they come with a nice bonus. but also a subtle suggestion that their juice is best vaped in an RDA, something I would most definitely agree with. So just keep that in mind, Jam Monster, like most other juices for that matter, tastes best in a high quality RDA with some premium cotton, which they are happy to supply.

Feeling Good at e-liquid vaping

Jam Monster Strawberry vape juice brings you a flavor you won’t be able to put down. If complex breakfast flavor vape juices make your mouth water. you need to get your hands on Jam Monster Strawberry vape juice immediately. While you inhale Jam Monster Strawberry Jam vape juice. The combination of strawberry jam and creamy butter will satisfy your taste buds beyond belief on the authentic flavor of this morning breakfast treat. While you exhale, the flavor is balanced out with the toasted bread flavor delivering a well-balanced nutrition breakfast vape.


One thing to note about these large gorilla bottle is that they are kind of tough to open the first time. Because of the plastic seals. You really have to put a lot of effort into it. But if you can’t manage it, you can also just cut those seals with a knife or something sharp. What I like about them is that have a very thin unicorn tup that can fit into the tiniest of fill ports, so you don’t have to worry about spilling.

Hits of jam monster strawberry E-liquid

Now for the juice, Strawberry and three nicotine strengths, 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml. All three flavors come in the same VG/PG ratio (75VG/25PG), and I only recommend you vape them in sub ohm tanks or RDAs, as they are pretty thick. All of them are clear juices, and even though they are on the sweet side, they don’t seem to kill coils as fast as other darker color juices I’ve vaped.

jam monster bottle


What I got from Jam monster strawberry jam after a well experienced at tasting , I found that taste of toast and butter not too much. It is a lot of strawberry in there. But you find yourself vaping it all the day without boring, it is not too sweet so it will be enjoyable whenever you vaping.

You should aware of  storing your bottle because at last you will find a little change in tasting of the liquid. At last 5ml in the bottle you got some troubles to get out the juice from the bottle you maybe find yourself cut the bottle. But at the end you got all the flavor you want.

Finally, It was a great experience for me tasting strawberry jam therefore, I’d recommended it to everyone who seeking great flavor with not too much sweetness.


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Jam Monster Strawberry E-Liquid Review
  • flavor
  • Nicotine levels
  • bottle
  • throat hit
  • All day vape



  • Great flavor
  • Not to sweet
  • you will enjoy vaping it all the day

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