Kandy pens Feather  Review


How do you do folks? Today we are gonna talk about one of big companies in our vape world, It’s Kandy Pens. It is a company that was founded in 2014 and its vision is providing consumers with a high-end product. So, we bring to you one of the best of their products which is Kandy pens feather vaporizer.

Feather KandyPens is open system pod mod that differs from the Rubi, also from KandyPens, which was a closed system. The Feather is designed to work with nicotine salts that deliver higher doses of nicotine in a smoother way than most other e-juices. As we do always, we gonna speak about its features and the packaging through to the end. Moving to the end with giving you Folks our thoughts about the device, Hoping that you enjoy our review.

Features of Kandy pens Feather kandy pens feather

  • First Ever Nicotine Salt E-Cigarette
  • Auto-Draw For Vapor On-Demand
  • 2 ML Refillable Tank
  • 380 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Powerful Vapor Production
  • Palm-Sized & Discreet
  • Developed & Designed In The USA
  • Handmade

In the box

  • Kandypens Feather
  • Kandypens Feather Pod
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable

Initial Thoughts

The feather is for the fans of pod mods, and it’s not hard to be one of them. It’s very simple, super-thin, easy-to-use, stylish, beautiful-looking and practical way to vape. It’s easy to be in your pocket or your hands. open system pods are the real deal here, you can fill them with whatever e-liquid or nicotine salts you like.

I loved how this pod is, very smooth and cool device, Just vape and here we go. So, let’s get more details about its cool features and its functions.

More Details about Kandy pens Feather


Starting with no buttons on the Feather, just a LED lights along the thin side that indicate your battery life. Kandypens Feather contains two parts, the battery and the tank. The tank is made from a semi-transparent plastic that only gives you a sneak peak of what’s inside, but it’s enough to let you take a glimpse at your e-liquid levels.

The rubber coating around the battery very important feature to protect your hands from heat transfer and it from any unfortunate falls that might befall it. The mouthpiece is a tiny opening on the corner of the upper part of the tank section. Although its small size, it was more than enough to enable smooth mouth-to-lung MTL hits, as well as direct lung hits.


The battery is covered with a rubber coating that felt really nice and comfy to the touch. It was the perfect material to use with this kind of device for sure. The battery was also tastefully designed with a subtle, Feather logo and white Kandy Pens logo on each side. The battery is built-in and is charged through the device

You will find the USB charging port placed right underneath the LED indicator lights. And the entire device is incredibly well-thought out. The Feather lends itself to easy functionality, and nothing feels wrong or out-of-place. Everything is where it should be, and there’s nothing there that doesn’t need to be. Charging the device to full power took a little over an hour.

And for sure some real deal breaker here is that the life time warranty, Such an amazing thing to get.

Vaping of Kandy pens Feather

However, as an advice, you have to let the coil soak in your e-juice before you reattach the tank. And also give it a little shake to prime the coils. This will Allow the coil inside the tank get soaked for at least twenty minutes will make sure that it is adequately saturated so that it can heat up faster and work well.

Ideally, before your first use and putting the tank and battery together and started drawing, Should be the coil primed. Priming your coil is something that you should do with all open system pod mods at least once.

The response was Amazing, and I felt the beginnings of a flavor. After many draws, the flavor kept getting better and better until I reached a decent level. I loved the flavor and how it was.

The clouds were bigger than I expected also. But, the flavor was sweet and luscious and filled my mouth. The 380 mAh battery, fully charged, lasted me for about nine hours. And refill times were about as I expected, about three or four times within those nine hours.

feather pod


So, the specs that it had made the Feather a great vaping device. It’s cool pod and very nice one, because of all the smooth edges, and it’s compact, light, Life time warranty (battery), somewhat powerful and it didn’t leak.

The feather made by KandyPens was sure to be a hit. The Feather does not disappoint. It’s a statement on your personal taste also since it’s better at being hidden than standing out, which is something rare for KandyPens, who specialize in the bright and outlandish. But still, the Feather works great and looks even better.


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Kandypens Feather Vaporizer review
  • Design
  • build quality
  • flavor
  • battery
  • performance



  • flavor
  • design
  • easy to use


  • battery

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