Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto

Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto Review


SvoëMesto is a well reputed manufacturer from Germany. Their products are designed in Russia and manufactured in Germany, which has helped them build a reputation for matchless engineering and precision. Now they put on the the table their unique version Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto.

In 2013 they introduced their first self- winding evaporator called “Kayfun”. Since then they have put themselves as one of the innovation leaders in the e-cigarette industry. Since the company was founded, their primary goal has been to design and manufacture high – quality self-winding evaporators. They attach particular importance to the best possible materials and high production standards.

If you’re into the high-end vape scene. Original Kayfun is considered one of the very best MTL RTAs ever made.The Lite series is an offshoot of the Kayfun line-up, focused on simpler designs and lower price tags.

MTL (mouth to lung) is a pulling technique in which the steam is first sucked into the mouth and then inhaled. MTL vaporizers are characterized by a strict draft resistance and crystal clear taste. Used in a range from 5W – 20W.

Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto. First-class taste, minimalist design and an extremely compact form factor. The Kayfun [lite] is one of the smallest tank evaporators in the world. But there is more to it than you can imagine at first glance.

Kayfun [lite] – 24mm features

  • Stainless steel driptip (engraved)
  • 3-step filling
  • PEI viewing window
  • PEEK isolator
  • External airflow control (stepless)
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 510 connector
  • Serial number for authentication
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Made in Germany
  • Small chamber size for the best possible flavour
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 33mm (without the tip) 38mm with the stock drip-tip
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Max capacity: 5ml
  • Easy for beginners
  • Easy to wrap and clean
  • available in 22mm and 24mm


  • Kayfun Lite 2019 24mm with Ultem window
  • Full spares pack
  • User guide

Initial Thoughts

Firstly, I got the Kayfun Lite in a small, non-descriptive box with SvoeMesto logos, a sticker with the size of the atomizer  and that’s about it. Then I got a small envelope containing some literature, and a bag of spare O-rings, post screws, and a spare airflow set screw. Underneath that, the atty itself. Very elegant, clean packaging.

The atomizer comes very clean, simple and sexy. I installed the post screws myself as they don’t come automatically installed. Some have complained of the screws either being too tight, or too loose. I didn’t encounter that issue with all 4 of the post screws provided (2 being spares).

To fill, simply turn the vaporizer upside down, unscrew the tank and then fill it comfortably through the liquid channels. A small lip on the base prevents liquid from escaping from the winding. When the tank is filled, you can simply screw it back on and off you go.

Svoemesto have updated the wicking ports which now allow for more cotton, resulting in a simpler and more reliable wicking action that hasn’t missed a single beat for me. Make sure your cotton reaches all the way to the bottom of the wicking port, otherwise you may experience some temporary flooding after a re-fill.

Deep inside Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto


The fit, finish and build quality are remarkable and the matching is flawless. This makes the device feel like a work of art, which many have come to expect from Svoemesto.

A screw on either side of the deck is used to secure your coil leads, and although this is a rather old design, it works brilliantly for the small coils you will be using with this tank. The winding deck and the evaporator chamber of the Kayfun lite are close relatives of its predecessor, but are equipped with modern features that make the attachment of a typical cheek-pull winding even easier. The winding deck is accessible at all times, even when the tank is full.


The airflow design is rather unique, too. The Airflow Control is hidden in the 510 connection and can be easily adjusted with a flat-blade screwdriver. This design results in some of the smoothest airflow I’ve experienced, completely eliminating the turbulence that comes with a more traditional control ring.

Adjustable from approximately 0.4mm to 1.8mm, I found my ideal draw at around half way closed. SvoeMesto is marketing this as a “set it and forget it” solution, which I agree with. Not once have I had to readjust the airflow, even during cleaning or maintenance.


The tank is very good. The flavor is strong, clear and top notch. Flavor for days! It lives up to the hype. I’m pleased to say that the hype about the flavor isn’t just bull, I’m enjoying it. That lovely little reduced chamber just amplifiers the flavor so much.in addition, people who wants retro style in a newer fashion, this is the one.

Final Wards about Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto

In conclusion, Everything fit together tightly. Unscrewing the body pieces revealed smooth threading – no crunch or grind, though a bit stiff initially. I think I gravitated to this more out of nostalgia. I wasn’t expecting “game changing” so with somewhat tempered expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Other than the nylon air adjustment screw, I have no complaints. I can live with bottom-fill as a trade-off for simplicity as compared to say, the KF Prime. The KF Lite 2019 is very good at rendering flavor just like the original.

There are a lots of Chinese made RTAs and RDAs, with different qualities. We’re at a point now in vaping where the “cheap” Chinese products can go toe to toe with the “high end” stuff. Therefore, most importantly is how a device vapes, End of story. But, there are certain names in vaping that considering as being among the GOATs. Kayfun being no exception. And Kayfuns aren’t cheap. So what are you getting for what you pay? Better performance? Better build quality? I’m hoping to answer some of those questions with this review.


Kayfun lite 24mm1


  • Excellent General Construction
  • Excellent Flavor Rendition
  • Should be some options for customization coming
  • Exceptional design details
  • Great Airflow
  • Retro Feeling


  • Wicking can be tricky  been noted that leaking and condensation could be an issue.
  • Bottom Fill
  • Though low priced for a KF, cost is high

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Kayfun lite 24mm by SvoëMesto
  • Design
  • performance
  • flavor
  • airflow
  • price



  • Excellent General Construction
  • Excellent Flavor Rendition
  • Should be some options for customization coming
  • Exceptional design details
  • Great Airflow
  • Retro Feeling


  • Wicking can be tricky  been noted that leaking and condensation could be an issue.
  • Bottom Fill
  • Though low priced for a KF, cost is high


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