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Toast Full Spectrum CBD Review


Born in Aspen and formulated in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. They use honest growing practices to create the highest quality range of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products. Their five principals are (clean, gluten-free, full-spectrum, vegan, and triple-tested). Toast full-spectrum CBD is going to be our first CBD review, we hope you like it and find what you hoping for.

Toast tinctures are the plant in a bottle. With the simplicity of just two ingredients, their Original Full Spectrum Hemp Extract blends the benefits of CBD, CBG, and CBC with Organic Virgin Fractionated Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and penetrating fatty acids. It is going to be the perfect complement to hemp’s cannabinoid profile.


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Cannabidiol
  • Organic Virgin Fractionated Coconut Oil

What’s in the box

  • Bottle Toast CBD Original


Toast Full Spectrum CBD

To say that I’m so excited to try this full-spectrum hemp extract is an understatement. As I mentioned before, this CBD oil contains only two key ingredients, when formulated together they offer a user experience that is unmatched. Claiming to be the plant itself in a bottle, this tincture blends the benefits of CBD, CBG, CBC and other phytocompounds with organic virgin fractionated coconut oil. Because this special coconut oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and penetrating fatty acids, this makes it the perfect complement to hemp’s cannabinoid profile.

Interested in looking into it but unsure about the potency levels? Lucky for you, Toast Wellness offers this tincture in 4 different potency levels:

  • Everyday Strength (250 mg)
  • Extra Strength (500 mg)
  • Maximum Strength (1000 mg – 30 ml/1 fluid oz)
  • Barista (1000 mg – 120 ml/1 fluid oz)

In addition to these variants of potencies offered, you can also choose between a single tincture or if you’d like to buy more in bulk (and trust me, I can certainly understand why you might) you can purchase a 6-pack.

The Product

To be able to nail all the different components of branding when breaking out in the CBD industry is no small feat. And this is exactly what Toast strives to achieve. Taking an immense amount of pride in their consistency and quality, the lengths they go to be able to stand behind their word and deliver the standard of excellence are unparalleled.

In the spirit of frankness, I loved the way that Toast Wellness CBD takes pride in its ethical business practices. From the beginning of the process where the plant is cultivated and harvested, all the way up to packaging, it’s very clear that Toast is dedicated to quality assurance.

Speaking of packaging, The first impression of the packaging was magnificent. The sparkle that gleans from the bottle is strongly indicative of a company that cares about every detail of its product.

Thoughts on Toast Full Spectrum CBDFULL SPECTRUM CBD

When it comes to the evaluation of the taste of Toast Wellness products. I can tell, it was the best-tasting tincture ever experienced! Typically full-spectrum tinctures are known for their offensive taste. It was noted that there is a strong cannabis flavor that accompanies the use of this product. Actually, I loved this cannabis flavor, it depends on every one of us to decide which better for him. But if you’re a hardcore cannabis enthusiast and tend to enjoy the taste of it. This is the tincture for you. As for the effects of Toast Wellness CBD oil, I felt staggering benefits over the course of just a few weeks.


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Toast Full Spectrum CBD Extract Review
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