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VAPORESSO was created in 2015 by parent company SMOORE which was founded in 2009. Since then, they have made a lot of really good stuff for the vaping world. Through inheriting over 13 years of industry experience, a lot of devices came out, a lot of amazing devices. So, today we are going to review one of their mods which I like really. Today our review will be on Vaporesso Gen Mod.

GEN makes high power devices more accessible to people than ever before. 220W in a 107-gram body that feels smooth yet textured and durable, it will feel like it’s part of you. Paired with their New AXON Chip makes it easier than ever to operate.

Well then folks, let’s dig in and know more about Vaporesso Gen Mod beginning with its features going through to its build and quality ending with my thoughts about the device.


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Vaporesso Gen Mod Specificationsvaporesso gen mod box

  • GEN 220W Box Mod
    • AXON Chip
      • 5 to 220W Output
      • 0.03 to 5.0-ohm Atomizer Resistance
      • Four Button Control Interface
        • Oversized Firing Button
        • Power Up
        • Mode Select
        • Power Down
      • Pulse Mode
        • Continuous Power Over Time
        • Pulse Width Modulation
      • Smart TC Mode
        • Automatically Recognizes TC Coil
      • Power ECO
        •  Optimizes Setting For Extended Use
      • DIY Mode
        • Manually Set Features
        • OMNI Board Features
    • 0.91 Inch OLED Screen
    • Durable Aluminum Construction
      • Four Layers of Coating
      • Soft-Touch Feel
      • Slip Resistant
      • Scratch Resistant
      • Flame Resistant
    • Stainless Steel 510 Connection
      • Gold Plated 510 Pin
        • Spring Loaded

Vaporesso Gen Mod Includes

  • One Gen Mod
  • One USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Build and Designvaporesso gen

Firstly, you’ll find the branding ‘Vaporesso’ on the front of the mod, the Vaporesso logo at the back of the mod,  Gen written on the bottom of the mod. Then, you’ll see the up button, down button, menu button, and the firing button on the side. Also, on the same side, there are the USB charge port and the panel. Finally, on the top will be the 510 connection. colors od the fire button and 510 connection are bronze. There a lot of options for the colors you want.

Moving to the battery compartment, you gonna have a little tab on the bottom to open the door which is a magnet door, very nice I like that. the door feels great, with rubberized coating and aluminum metal, such a great job here. Very steady door with no movements at all, perfect.

The weight of the mod very light, just 107 grams, amazing folks. the touching of the Gen is unbelievable. With 4 layers, no fingerprints appear on the device, no scratching, and very clean looking.


As far as the menu goes, it’s the typical Vaporesso menu with a dedicated mode button between the plus and minus and simple screen, I would like it if the screen is more modern than that. It’s very simple and easy to navigate. I love how easy it is. Here is a quick rundown:

  • 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and off
  • 3 clicks of the mode button to enter the menu
  • Use up and down to scroll the menu and mode to accept.
  • Use the fire button to exit the menu
  • 3 clicks of the fire button to lock adjustment buttons (can still fire)
  • TCR and power adjustments are made after selecting the mode

Functions of Vaporesso Gen Mod

The Vaporesso GEN is packed with features and modes like most of their mods.

  • Pulse Mode
  • Power Eco
  • Smart TC
  • a DIY Mode which is where you can pick the standard mode for Power (with normal, hard, and soft preheats)
  • Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one memory slot)
  • Voltage Mode
  • Watt Curve Mode
  • Bypass Mode
  • Super Player Mode
  • In the settings menu, there is also their Smart and Auto Modes. The mod uses a standard TCR system, which is fully adjustable across all modes.

In conclusion, the GEN has pretty much every mode out there and then some, to the point where it’s overbearing. It’s cool to have the features. You can do whatever you want, everything is on the table.

Axon Chipvaporesso mod

The GEN features their new Axon chip. Their older mods used the Omni chip which was one of the best chips in vaping, despite not getting the recognition it deserves, and much better than the more popular Gene chip of the Voopoo mods.

The Axon chip is a combination of the highest quality components that empower the device to do beyond the expectations. The intelligent system makes it easier than before to operate. With pulse mode, Axon will continuously give you a hit throughout your puff (every 0.02 second), giving you more powerful, and more flavorful clouds for every puff. With a smart TC, Axon will automatically recognize if you attached a TC coil, giving you the optimum setting for the best flavor possible. All you got to do is decide how hot you like it.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the Vaporesso Gen mod, I can say I love it. It’s a decent device with a perfect chip and great performance. It gives me the flavor I enjoy, the clouds I want, and a very light device in the hand, the firing button’s color bothers me a little, I didn’t like the bronze color. The door is steady, good job here.


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Vaporesso Gen Mod review
  • Build and Design
  • Performance
  • Software
  • Chip
  • Ruggedness

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