What is vaper’s Tongue and its causes and how to treat it?

What is vaper’s Tongue and its causes and how to treat it?



Do you miss the sense of taste or smell?  What is vaper’s Tongue and its causes and how to treat it? “
With the dramatic increase in the number of e-smokers-vapers and people starting to switch from traditional smoking to vaping in the hope of either reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke daily or quitting altogether.

Previously unknown vaping–related problems have emerged, not fatal health problems, but they are still problems that we have to highlight and address.

One of these non-serious side effects of vaping is a condition caused by excessive inhalation of e-cigarette vapes is a temporary loss of taste sensation and a sense of decreased flavor sensation without warning and unexpectedly.


Vaper’s Tongue – Loss of taste


This event, known as vaper’s Tongue, is fairly common among e-smokers-Vapers-worldwide and can last for 1 to 3 days. The duration beyond or below that period is somewhat unusual. Although the numerous taste centers that cover our tongue are mostly responsible for feeling the flavors. In the case of a vaper’s Tongue, the actual culprit is the nose and sense of smell.

Vaper’s Tongue is among the few side effects of vaping, which also fade over time. As a result of continuous vaping, a person performing vaping can feel a layer on their tongue that reduces the sense of taste and makes them unable to easily distinguish between different flavors. This strange sensation in the vaper develops gradually and can be felt in a few days.

Although its causes may be many, for instance, a general physical lack of water or an illness, many e-smokers-vapers around the World report that they have encountered this symptom and that it can be largely associated with vaping.

Continuous and continuous vaping leads to a constant disruption of the body’s sense of smell and a decrease in the sense of flavor, a process that is usually not observed when it develops and is usually felt when it reaches a touching level. Vaper’s Tongue can cause you to lose your ability to taste something you liked before or generally reduce the taste of food.


Some of the reasons why this happens are:

Switching from smoking

Since most vapers were previously smokers, they will have a lower sense of taste and smell because smoking temporarily weakens both senses.


Vaping the Same Flavor

Studies have proven that using the same e-liquid can lead to the occurrence of this symptom. Although there are no known scientific reasons behind it.


Atomizer Evaporator Connectors get dirty

Continuous use causes atomizer vaporizer damage in vapes and e-cigarettes. A common cause of this symptom.


How can you get rid of the vaper’s Tongue?


That condition or symptom is somewhat temporary, and even at its worst (i.e. fatigue of the taste centers). It will disappear spontaneously in a week or two. However, vapers, especially beginners, seek to solve them immediately and effectively.

Treatment methods, no matter how effective, are neither permanent nor immediate. So, these treatments are intended only to improve your condition, including:


Change the flavor

Although this method is not very effective, the new flavor may give you a better vaping experience if you suffer from the vaper’s Tongue.


Vaping without flavors

Proven to reduce the duration of vaper’s Tongue. It aims to improve the sense of smell to make it work naturally regularly.


Take care of your mouth health

This is general health advice; although taking care of your health. Your mouth will improve your overall sense of taste, it does not help much in the case of the vaper’s Tongue.


Stop vaping

The only way you can do something about vaper’s Tongue is to stop vaping for a day or two, which improves one’s sense of taste in different flavors.




In conclusion, in this article ” What is vaper’s Tongue and its causes and how to treat it? “, now you know what to do. From my vaping experience and the solutions that I followed, I can say, these are the ways to treat yourself.

Finally, this advice from a personal experience that I like to share with you guys, in case you looking for it.


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